You will love the personal attention, ease of use, speed at which your payroll is processed and our low processing fee. 


Call in times is 10:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. A fax can be done anytime.

If your call/fax is received by 3:00pm. the payroll will be mailed the same day. When calling you will be asked two questions:

1. What is your company name?

2. Do you have any new employees or rehires?
Please have W-4 information ready plus the pay rate by pay cycle.


If you need to issue a check after payroll has been processed you may:
1.Call us to report the entry, and you write the check. / 2.We can write the check for you to be mailed or picked up.
The entry will be recorded in the system automatically.


If a check or stub needs to be voided, inform us to adjust your taxes accordingly. Your next payroll register will show the void and any replacement checks.


You will receive an invoice with each payroll, and our fees will be debited from your bank account by the end of the week. If payment cannot be obtained, quarterly processing and year-end W-2s may be delayed. Ensure your account is current to continue receiving service.


Notify us immediately if you change from a sole proprietor to a corporation, as this requires a new setup and account number. Report any changes in address, phone number, etc., promptly. If you sell or close your business, let us know to prepare final reports and filings. We keep payroll data for the rest of the year for W-2 and year-end reports.


Your payroll account remains open even with sporadic reporting. Inform us when the last payroll of the year is reported to ensure accurate W-2s. There will be a charge for rerunning W-2s due to added information later.

Give us a call and find out how flexible we are to meeting your needs and providing a customized solution that will help you grow your business.

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