You are currently doing your payroll in house or even if you use a payroll service, you will love the personal attention, ease of use, speed at which your payroll is processed and our low processing fee.

Every pay period you receive:

  • Payroll checks and/or stubs with fully computed current and year-to-date pay vouchers.
  • DE-34 New Hire Report ready for faxing.
  • Current, quarter and year-to-date earnings report.
  • State DE-88 and Federal 8109 Deposit Coupon Information

We also include:

  • Quarterly and Annual Federal and State Tax Forms ready to sign and mail
  • Annual W-2’s, W-3’s, DE-9’s, and 940 at “No Extra Charge”.
  • Binder and copies of all reports for your records.

Call in times is 10:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. A fax can be done anytime. If your call/fax is received by 3:00pm. the payroll will be mailed the same day. When calling you will be asked two questions:
1. What is your company name? and
2. Do you have any new employees or rehires?
Please have W-4 information ready plus the pay rate by pay cycle.

Our service is Easy to use
Fax or Submit your payroll online.
When calling:
Identify your company.
Give each employee’s number or name, ie. Employee #1 – 40 hrs. regular and 6 hrs. Overtime.
Employee #2 – 40 hrs. regular and $25 bonus.
Employee #3 – 38 hrs. regular and $10 gas allowance.
Employee #4 – Regular salary.
Contractor #5 – $500. etc.

Remember to include DEPARTMENTS or special deductions if necessary. You will not be asked for this information.
We also REQUIRE employee numbers when reporting the payroll.
Any changes to existing employees can be given as you report the payroll.
This would include raises, address changes, marital status or exemption changes, etc.
Remember: You can always call us or SUBMIT your payroll online for faster processing

If you have to issue a check after your payroll has been run, you may:
1. Call us and report the entry and you write the check.
2. We will write the check for you to be mailed or picked up at our office.
Either way the entry will be recorded in the system and will not have to be reported again.

If we prepared a check or stub that has to be voided, let us know so that your taxes can be adjusted to reflect the change. Your next payroll register will show the void as well as any replacement checks needed.

You will receive an invoice/receipt for service with each payroll and our fees will be debited from your bank account by the end of the week.  If for any reason, we are unable to obtain payment, your quarterly processing will be delayed if you haven’t made arrangements with us.  This also applies to year end W-2s. Your account must be current to continue receiving service.

It is extremely important that you inform us immediately if you change from a sole proprietor to a corporation. This type of change requires a new set up and account number. There will be a charge if payrolls have been produced under the old account and need to be moved to a new account. Changes to your business should be reported as soon as possible. These include new address, telephone number, etc.

If you sell or close your business let us know immediately. We will prepare any final reports and filings you may need to complete escrow and settle your accounts with the IRS and the EDD. We keep your payroll data for the rest of the year so that W-2s and year end reports will be generated.

Your payroll account will remain open even if you have sporadic reporting during the year. There is no charge for this service. But you must inform us when the last payroll has been reported for the year so that we can generate accurate W-2s. There will be a charge if W-2s have to be rerun because of additional information added later.